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Golden State Truck Sales Inc. is now a proud member of the West Sacramento Chamber of Commerce.

Posted by Golden State Truck Sales Inc - June 27, 2019


If you have been contacted, asked to purchase blank business checks so that you may print out a check provided by an accountant named Harold Garcia , do not do so.   Any and all checks distributed by, or distributed by Harold Garcia is a fraudulent check and will not be honored. Do not fall victim to this scam.  You, the person cashing the check, will be the victim.  Your account will go negative, and you will be the one victimized.   If you have any questions about a check you received, call us at 916-389-0009.

‚ÄčNever cash a check without verifying that it is a valid check.  And NEVER cash a check for anyone  that wants you to further Western Union it out to anyone else.

Posted by Golden State Truck Sales Inc. - August 2, 2017